Enforcing the Telescope Law


You are speaking to this week's Telescope Sheriff's. That means I (along with my fellow OSD peer Kevan) carry the responsibility of leading the maintenance of the Open Source Telescope repository. That includes, reviewing PRs, filing issues, following up on backlogs, and more.

Tomorrow we'll be having our OSD700 class where it really just is one big meeting or status update on everyone's tasks. In that meeting, we summarize the progress of our big topics(which right now includes Supabase, React Native, new Services, just to name a few), follow ups on the issues set up for the next minor release (2.7) next week, and just updates on what everyone's tasks are or how their progress is going.

It'll be my first time trying to lead a big team of developers (most of them who are way more skilled/knowledgeable than I am) so I hope I can lead it in the right direction. Either way it'll be really good project managing experience.


Last week, after jumping from issue to issue, I finally ended up doing some backend work for an issue regarding JWT signing in our auth service. I got assigned to that issue because Dave said it would be a good opportunity to anyone looking to do some deep back end work, and so I volunteered. Between then and now, I've gained a lot of knowledge on how JWTs , authorization and authentication, and our auth service works.

On the other hand, we're currently trying to implement Supabase as a firebase alternative for Telescope. This means services such as auth and users will need to be modified to reflect the Supabase changes. And because of that, a lot of the solutions for the previous auth issues have to be rethought of. For example, the JWT issue was initially to switch to private/public key signing, but it seems like Supabase only supports a shared secret for the tokens at the moment, so we'll have to put that on hold.

Dave's been super helpful and informative with the research process too, by referencing docs, giving suggestions for solutions, etc. Right now I'm working closely with Duc, who's leading the helm on this Supabase stuff, to help implement it, which right now includes making the e2e tests for the newly renovated SSO service (previously auth) Other than that, some changes need to be made in the users service.


Hopefully the Sheriff responsibilities won't deprive me of time to code. I'm still waiting for my big PR to hit the repo, and I'm working on it to make it happen!


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