Telescope 3.0 : Alpha and Release

First, sorry for the lack of updates. I know I'm missing a lot of details from the previous Telescope post. But to sum it up, lots of new features and fixes were shipped throughout 2.8 and 2.9 but since 3.0 alpha which was released 2 weeks ago, we've had to shift our priorities towards the mainline features that were to be shipped in the 3.0 major release which we're shipping this week.

Supabase Progress

So we've finally got our own Supabase client running on staging, and we're planning to deploy it to production for 3.0 So that's really exciting. 

Jerry has been lending a hand by coming up with more tables we can use for more info (i.e. github_data) Not only that but he's written a script to backup our Supabase/Postgres data in the events of a failure, that's really neat! This process involves starting a temporary container for the purpose of running the backup script.

We've been migrating things like accounts and feeds to the Supabase tables. But when we want to alter these tables, like say add row level security, there's a few ways you could do it. First, you could just go to the supabase studio and insert it manually with the GUI they've built. Or we could use Prisma, an ORM tool for nodeJS that Duc had suggested. This way, we generate an sql file with the prisma script, (which includes a name and date record to keep a history of the migrations) edit in all your sql statements (ALTER, INSERT, etc.), then push it to upstream for it to be ran in prod/staging.

So it's exciting to see Supabase really coming to its own in Telescope, there's still lots of potential for it to grow so I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Status Service

So for alpha 2 weeks ago, I worked on a few issues regarding the status service. They were pretty minor, but I wanted to do what I can in contributing to the alpha and major release so I fixed an issue that's been hanging around in our status service for a while. We have a contributor card that shows a github name and avatar for the last Telescope commit. The avatar image is running into some sort of CORS error and doesn't load.

After some time debugging, I found out all it took was to add the "crossorigin=anonymous" attribute in the img tag. And just like that the contributor card shows the avatar! Another bug down for 3.0 :) Right now, I think we just need to worry about the rate limit for the API, since that will affect the contributor and commit cards for all its info.

Major Release 3.0

It's already the end of the semester and we're going to release 3.0. It's been a great experience working with telescope and I'll sum it up in a different blog post. But that's the progress so far and we've just got one more release to deploy.

Thanks for reading :)


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